Vincent by Don McLean (Arr. Chet Atkins)

Dale Harris performing Don McLean's Vincent ("Starry Starry Night") on solo guitar. 



Lutes & Guitars

As a lutenist, Dale Harris has performed for BBC2 Television (amongst other things), and his performances have been featured in a documentary on William Shakespeare by Simon Sharma. And in December 2019 BBC Four Christmas TV special, Dale played the Lute in "Martins Close" starring Peter Capaldi.  Dale Harris has demonstrated for Godin & Seagull Guitars in the UK and he has associations with many music industry companies including Effectrode (who made some world-leading effects pedals for guitar). Dale also plays Stephen Hill Spanish classical guitars made in Granada, Spain.


A Lifetime Of Performing Music

 Dale Harris (BA, MA, PhD) is a professional musician, a Doctor Of Musicology, and a classical, acoustic & electric guitarist based in London (UK). He has played solo classical guitar recitals, performed concerti with orchestra and accompanied music industry legends such as Cliff Richard and Lorne Gibson.


Awards & Scholarships

Dale Harris won the GSMC award for Instrumental Musician Of The Year two years running in 2017 and 2018;  and thanks to agent and promoter to the stars Graham Steel (who has promoted the likes of  Tommy Emmanuel, Martin Taylor, Antonio Forcione, etc.) for his on-going very kind assistance and support.

 Dale studied musicology and authored a PhD thesis 'Cryptograms In The Music Of Alban Berg' under the supervision of world-leading expert on Viennese music Douglass Jarman. Dale discovered a hitherto unknown encipherment technique encoded into the music and he could reverse-engineer the cipher to reveal the source of the 'messages'.  Dale successfully supported his claims in verbal examination by composer and author Geoffrey Poole (who previously held the next 'best guess' as to the root of Berg's ciphers) and the latter endorsed Dale theories as having finally 'cracked the code'. Dale's Berg theories were aired on Radio 3 in May 2016 as part of a lecture recital at the Wigmore Hall, London as presented by Gavin Plumley.  


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